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You know how in fancy restaurants they’ll bring you a delicious sorbet or some other tasty treat in between courses to refresh your ‘palate’? And how, if you’re honest, sometimes you kind of wish that could have been the main dish?

Well, Contemporary Romance fiction is, to me, like the literary equivalent of a palate cleanser. Sure, you may love a high-brow tome or two, you may be pushing your way through a pile of paperwork, you may want to investigate every nuance of your newspaper, but in between those courses you need something to refresh your palate, right?

So, allow me to offer an assessment, so you don’t get stuck reading something akin to a weird celery foam that you have to wash out with a pint of Pinot grigio…

Who Heck Are You?

My name is Sareeta Domingo. I’m a book editor and writer. My debut novel The Nearness of You was published by Little, Brown in May 2016, and I’ve also written a number of erotic short stories and a novella. Check them out, they’re good.

Here’s where you can get your hands on The Nearness of You:

And you can find some of my sexy stories in here:


And here:


Oh, and here:


And here’s a steamy novella I wrote:


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