TRULY by Ruthie Knox


I know a book is going to be my contemporary romantic catnip when it begins “He wasn’t the kind of guy a woman wanted to pin her hopes and dreams on.” And I also know it’s going to be my contemporary romantic catnip when it’s being written by Ruthie Knox, a.k.a. NA writer Robin York, a.k.a. publisher at the awesome Brain Mill Press, a.k.a. I’m Here For Her Books.

Truly is a romantic (and delicious-food-description-filled) story set primarily in New York City. We meet May, a Wisconsin-ite who has reluctantly relocated to NYC to be with her football-playing boyfriend and short-lived fiancé – the cringe-worthy nature of his marriage proposal leads her to stab him with a fork right then and there. In trying to escape the ensuing emotional and media commotion, she’s inadvertently mugged and ends up in a bar hoping for help. Instead she gets the grouchy, dark, and only vaguely helpful Ben (YESSS for normal male names in romantic fiction!! Heheheh). An erstwhile chef in the midst of a nearly-mid-life crisis, Ben decides to try on some white knight armour with mixed results, and grudgingly takes May under his wing. The two find they have a strange sort of chemistry as they criss-cross the city, discovering each other and having New York-y experiences of the kind that make me want to go back (aaaagaiiiin!).

Truly is that perfect type of romantic story (for me anyway), with two characters thrust together and deciding to see where the wind takes them, until reality strikes again. Knox has crafted an oddly likeable romantic hero in the gruff (and often openly unpleasant) Ben, and a relatable female lead in May, who comes to embrace her height, her weight and her ability to express her real personality as the story progresses. It’s sexy, if not in your face, and achieves what you’re always looking for in romantic fiction – you’re constantly rooting for the central pair to be together. If anything, it ended too soon. If you love New York and random meetings and taking chances, you’ll love this. And if you don’t, you will by the time you’ve read Truly.

Cringe Factor                                   1/5

Is it Hot in Here?                             3/5

For the Love of Feminism!             4/5

Overall Tasty Goodness                   4/5

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