THE DARK SPACE by Mary Ann Rivers and Ruthie Knox


A mesmerising and beautiful exploration of the connection between two students here, in a welcome collaboration between two fantastic writers. I’m genuinely intrigued as (*cough cough*) an author myself, when two writers can collaborate on a project – particularly one as seamlessly gorgeous as The Dark Space. Maybe they participated in a magical mind-meld of the sort that seems to engulf the characters in this story? That would be some pretty intense typing. But I get ahead of myself… The story follows Winnie and Cal, two students at a prestigious university who, despite being seniors, have never really interacted (Winnie in particular not exactly being a social butterfly). That is, until they find themselves drawn to one another when they take the same Contact Improvisation class (part of the theatre department). The near-mystical attraction that these two experience is vividly depicted in Winnie and Cal’s alternating POVs. Is it real magic? Magical realism? Or simply the best way to describe something so indescribable as sexual attraction, or, indeed, falling in love? I suppose it’s up to you to decide, but it lends a wonderful, ethereal dimension to Winnie and Cal’s story. I also loved that they’re not conventionally beautiful people. He’s short, she’s shorter. He’s skinny, she’s awkward. But together, they fit. Their sexuality is beautiful, unselfish and almost tangible. Although The Dark Space is a simple story, and economic in length, I think you can probably tell that I really admired the telling of this tale. Fresh, immersive writing in a genre that can all too easily fall into cliché. Highly recommended.

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Cringe Factor                                   1/5

Is it Hot in Here?                             4/5

For the Love of Feminism!             5/5

Overall Tasty Goodness                4.5/5

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