Book Review: Losing It By Cora Carmack

A slight, zippy comedic confection to start off the New Year – Cora Carmack’s Losing It is perhaps less of a palate cleanser and more like eating all of the mints left on the restaurant tip plate, even the one you should leave for your friend, because they’re in the loo and you really like that particular type of mint. Like, in the scheme of things, it’s mints, but at the same time, mints are pretty enjoyable while they last. And fresh breath is good.

Anyway. Losing It’s heroine labours under the tooth-grindingly annoying name Bliss Edwards: a twenty-two-year-old virgin whose aim is to pop her cherry ASAP. We pretty much leap straight into her dilemma, and she doesn’t waste any time meeting the man that will, inevitably, do said cherry-popping. (Err, spoiler alert? Nah.) The object of her affections is ‘British’, so there is some rather obligatory ‘OMG, he’s British, ooh accent, ooh he says stuff that’s different to how we stay stuff’ stuff – and he’s called Garrick, ugh – but he’s drawn charmingly, and Bliss’ initial panicked reaction to them getting almost to the point of no return is quite funny. But when Carmack starts throwing more obstacles in the way of the two vexingly-monikered potential lovebirds getting together, things get a touch predictable. Except perhaps for the incidence of debauched Spin the Bottle spit-swapping causing an epidemic of what Garrick would surely know as glandular fever (though those gosh-darn, crazy-accented Yanks call it mono). Cormack does give us a fairly evocative description of exactly how crappy one might feel while in the grip of said illness, while also managing to make it seem quite romantic – impressive!

I also quite liked the fact that Bliss is an actor – her thespian endeavours gave a nice ‘backstage’ feel to the action in the story. Bliss and Garrick’s (yeah, still annoying) chemistry is quite sweet, and it’s nice to have some NA fiction with a bit of com in its rom. Overall, a nicely-written, whipped confection to chomp down in one sitting.

Cringe Factor                                   3/5

Is it Hot in Here?                             3/5

For the Love of Feminism!           2.5/5

Overall Tasty Goodness                3/5

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